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Constant fashion innovation is possible using fibers like fabrics like Organic and recycled cotton, Himalayan nettle, polyester recycled, lyocell (tencel) and blends.

Magma Group was born in the year 2008, following the change of the Portuguese and European textile market while the crises of 2008. Because of the constant grow of the company MesclaRisk, and the growth of the European clients, the company open the sister company, Magma Textil.

Magma Textil was born in the year 2012. Because of that we are able to supply the clients all over the world with all kind of knits. From jerseys, fleeces, until double faces, interlocks and French Terrys.

In our production nowadays we use fibers like cotton, polyester, polyamide, modal, and some sustainable fabrics like Organic and recycled cotton, Himalayan nettle, polyester recycled, lyocell (tencel) and blends.

We already a time focused on developing some new yarns and constructions on the fabrics, following the philosophy that exclusivity never gets out of fashion.

Company´s philosophy

In times of globalization, opportunities as well as technological, economic, political and social changes are constant.

Our societies are constantly changing and interconnected. An example of this same interconnection is how quickly the crisis we have experienced since the beginning of 2020 late 2019 has spread rapidly across the globe.

More and more, we think globally. Every day we are influenced by something that happens in countries and continent on the other side of the globe.

Thus, nowadays is imperative, a social awareness and global concern. Whether in the fight against the pandemic, in the fight for human rights, as well as for the sustainability of our home, which we call mother earth.

Still, we believe that we cannot help and care for our own globally if we cannot take care of our own internally and locally.



Magma Textil Group has 15 internal employees, who are our greatest responsibility when it comes to social responsibility. Both with regard to the creation and improvement of infrastructure, as well as the improvement of working, health and living conditions.

This concern is not also careless with all employees who indirectly depend on us, our subcontractors, where we take care on fair trade.

We are also actively present in the community that involves us, involved in all causes, from social and health solidarity.

At Magma Group we believe that our daily effort should be used to provide the best and fairest service to both our customers, our employees as well as the community around us.

Our gestures may be a drop in an ocean, but the ocean is made of drops.

news About us

The national textile and clothing industry is increasingly playing a leading role in the main international markets and the London Textile Fair, the largest textile fair in the British capital, could not be an exception.

10th January (2019)

news About us

We where glad to be back in touch with our clients and able to show our collection, developed according to the latest trends. the results exceeded our expectations.

From August 31 to 2 September (2021)