Himalayan Nettle (NH)

Textile Fiber from the Himalayas

According to the Center for Sustainable Fashion, Himalayan Nettle is the longest fiber currently known to humankind and is considered finer, stronger, and more elastic than linen.

The Himalayan Nettle, grows wild in Himalayan forest jungles. This, creates a positive environmental impact, because regrows annually from rhizome, with no inputs or land-clearing and strengthens rhizome root system, stabilizes soil, helps reduce landslide and earthquake devastation.

Regarding the forest, it improves forest management and protects from over-harvesting. On mitigating climate change it profuse leafy stalks sequester CO2.

The use of the Himalayan Nettle support the fair trade wild-harvest of the raw material, creating income for subsistence farmers.

This product promotes best environmental and labor practices in fiber extraction and an environmentally clear fiber extraction.

The fiber is not just sustainable, it actually improves the environment in which it grows by helping to control erosion and preventing deadly landslides.

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